Monday, January 18, 2010

How to work efficient and enjoy live

As many know I work mainly from my home office. For two reasons: The office of the company I am invested is not that comfortable and I don't have to be present there all day. Second, I want to work more efficient, and mist offices (and business owners) just don't allow this. I want to list some reasons why and how I work very efficient and can ensure quality of work as well as quality of life.

1. Check your emails in the morning from home, on the way to the office or in any coffee shop. But don't do this in the office. Why? Because you will get disturbed there by colleagues, paperwork, phone calls.

2. Turn off Skype and other IM as much as you can. They are time killers. Turn Skype really OFF if you have to work on a presentation. It saves you time!

3. Schedule meetings for one hour and be prepared. Have a agenda. Share your notes with others using collaboration tools.

4. Don't do multitasking, It simply doesn't work most of the time. Exception: While downloading 20 GB you can work on a document. While driving from A to B you can check emails.

5. Use mindmaps, Believe it or not, but they save you time in meetings, while thinking.

6. Have lunch. You and your brain needs a rest. It's important.

7. Finish your work in time: There is always another email that needs to be done. If so, answer it on the way home or even at home. No problem with that. Your family will appreciate your early arrivals even if you answer a email after playing basketball with the boys in daylight.

8. Work with To-Do-Lists. Only only list is better than several lists. Use tools with checkboxes for it (Outlook has it build in), and tools that work with your mobile, so you can manage your to dos anywhere.

9. Enjoy life.

10. Add more ideas in the comments section.

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