Friday, June 13, 2008

Motobike repair in Vietnam

Last Weekdend we rented a Motorbike from a shop in District 1 (Shop 165 in Pham Ngu Lao, we do not recommend this), and since we arrived at our home we had problems. The main problem was that it was very difficult to start it. The ignition button was useless and even the kick-starter went bad after some days. So today we made it to run the motorbike, went to the Highland Coffee, but when we tried to go back, the machine didn't start anymore.
But thats Vietnam (or South-East-Asia in general) and help is only some dollars away. After seconds a guy named Sam stopped and offered us to bring us to the next garage. That means Nataly sat on his motorbikes backseat and he pushed me with his right feed. The trip tokk about 10 minutes to the garage, Sa, explained the repairmen what to do. It turns out that the battery was quite old and had to be replaced, the same for the oil filter and the carburetor was full of dirt.
They cleaned and repaired the bike in 45 minutes and we paid just 40 Dollars (plus 30.000 Dong for Sam). Of course we will try to claim the money back from the rental shop.

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