Thursday, July 31, 2008

SearchMe Visual Search

Even if they are not that big like Google, I really like to browse with searchme visual search. And the way the promote specials and gives you recommendations. Today the just collected Summer Movie Trailers, a really nice way to browse, because the already showing the video instead of links or screenshots. Just klick and the video starts in the same browsing window.
And, sure, the apple style is a nice feature too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coffee in Vietnam

I didn't really know that Vietnam is one of the largest coffee suppliers for Germany. Today the Vietnam News writes about the growing coffee business in Vietnam, explaining that last year Vietnam shipped 234.000 tons to Germany, just behind Brasil.

Germans are using 13 kg coffee per year, what I can verify. But I am still drinking my German coffee brewes with my Senseo coffee maker:

The main reason is that I cannot buy this coffee pads here, so my mother sent me pads. But another reason is that in my opinion the Vietnamese coffee is very strong. That's because as I learned there is mainly Robusta coffee harvested, which is much bitter than the arabica.

But I am also surprised about all the coffee shops here. As a longtime starbucks addict I immediatly went into all the Highlands and Cafe Terrace and Paris Deli Shops. I still have to try Gloria Jean (that's the name, right?) and the Trung Nguyen-Chain. Highlands seems to be the most expensive, I like the design of the Paris Deli in Phung My Hung, it's very french landhouse style.

Anyone like to make a coffee shop trip around Saigon?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maria Zouroudis: Forever

Just a nice song. She is amazing..Her MySpace

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pillows for chairs

We have a nice dining table with nice wooden chairs. But nice doesn"t mean comfortable, at least after a while. So we need some pillows for our chairs, but it seems to be impossible to get some. I recently founds some in a furniture store, but they were only sold with the chairs. The company was not able to sell them separately.

So if anyone out there knows where to get something like this:

please feel free to contact me.

UPDATE: Found Custom Made Pillows at Saigon Center, 2. floor, at one of the furniture stores.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogger in Vietnam

in the weekend edition of Vietnam News I fund an interesting article about blogger in Vietnam.
First the number: 3 million is a lot, even if some are not updated frequently.
Second: the content. People are writing mainly about the feelings, mostly personal experience and thoughts. Why not? There is no rule about a blogs content.
Third a real nice part: so called everymans newspaper especially in certain parts of the world where traditional media is controlled by the government or multinational corporations.
Recently Yahoo shut an vietnamese bloggers account down after several warnings abot offensive and explicit content (he had 2 mio pageviews a day).
At the end of the article, there are some really true words:
"One should build their own firewall to the dark side of the blog"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Victoria Hotel Ressort & Spa Phan Thiet

We are spending the weekend on Phan Thiet. Lovely place this ressort. Oh, my wife is DOS for Victoria, that's why we are there too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phu My Hung

Phu My Hung
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There are more and more appartment buildings coming up in Phu My Hung and honestly, I like it. Kind of modern architecture, looks really like Singapur.
We live close to this area, but our place is more Vietnamese style... what I like. We have our local neighborhood, but its just 5 Minutes to Phu My Hung center and 15 minutes to Dictrict 1.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Driver Licence in Vietnam - Procedere

My new motobike
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How to apply for a vietnamese driver licence?
1. You need a Vietnamese licence. International driver licences are not accepted.

2. Go to your embassy and ask for translation of your licence into english (you can skip this if you are from US, AUS or UK, of course)

3. Go to Le Duan Street, there is the official translation office. You need passort copies, visa copy, driver licence copies, 5 pictures 4x3, english translation of original driver licence. They will tell you when you can pick up the translated documents (costs about 40.000 VND)

4. Then you go to 252 Ly Chinch Tang, first floor. Foreigners dont need to wiat, just go to the first counter, smile and give them all the documents. Wait for advise.

5. Depending if you already allowed to drive a motobike with more then 50 cc you need a testdriving or not. Anyway, the next palce to go is 63 Ly Tu Trong Street. There you apy again and 10 days after you get the Vietnamese driver licence.
If you need a testdriving, they will give you the date. On this date, come arround 8 and try the parcours first. They provide motobikes with gear, but you can also use your own. Then go to the first floor in the building on the right hand, and give them al the documents. Then wait untit yiour name is announced. The parcour is a 8, and a slalom. Quite easy. After you show your passport and your old driver licence, 10 days later you can pick up your Vietnamese licence at the same place.
If you fail in the testdriving, just apply for a new one one week later.