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How to not apply for a job

There is a private expat mailing list with nearly 1000 members, and one was offering a job in a web company, creative stuff and client services.

This was one reply on the list (XXX is done by me to anonymise it)

I have over 12 years of experience in (Digital) Marketing,
communication and sales. I have a master in web usability as well and
realized start ups as XXXXXX,XXXXXXX developed the strategy for XXXXXX and much more. Please give me you e-mail address and I
can send you my CV.


Ok. First of all, what the hell is a Master in Web Usability? I am using the web since 20 years, but no certificate yet.

More serious is that someone with this skills replies in public on the list, and, and that's really unbelievable, ask for the email address. First of all it was mentioned in the original posting. Second, the company name may lead you to a website. Finally, you can reply to the author on this list.

So, I think this guy won't get the job.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to sell Vietnam as a tourist destination

Ok, no complains, or less, but more advise. How can Vietnam improve in international tourism?
1.) The markets
Campaigns must be targeting the right market. Chinese and korean tourists don't want to spend a lot of money, so you must sell Vietnam as a cheap destination (if you find enough low price hotels). European and US tourists want something special good server, value for their money. So sell luxury. But understand luxury as a concept, not a price. A luxury shopping center opens the door for you and the door boy knows your name. It's doesn't have loudspeakers with techno music outside.

2. ) Public picture: Most people see a girl from behind in a white Ao Day in a rice field on a bicylce. Call it a cliche, but actually it works fro Vietnam. It means: Young population, tradition, nature and authentic, even something secret (because you can't see the girls face). Should be enough for a branding, isn't it?

3.) Infrastructure: Roads, roads, roads and some airports.

4.) Less government, more market: Let the professionals do the job. Don't protect the formally state own businesses and let the market work itself.

5.) Diversify: Present the thousands of things you can do in Vietnam instead of Top 10. One reason why people don't come back to Vietnam is that the Top Ten are done in 2 weeks. And they don't know what else to do.

6.) Find the unique selling point: Tourism is not about the price, it's about imagination. Create a picture and sell this. It must be different from all the CNN campaigns you can see now. That;s actually the mist difficult and painful part.

7.) Be more professional, Use the experience you get for nearly free from foreigners in that business and learn from it.

I was inspired by this website I think they make it wrong: HCMC is so great because of the many choices you have. It doesn't make sense to promote PHO24 or Khai Silk, everybody know them already. It would be better to show 1000 restaurants and 100 bars and 10.000 shops.

See what Tim Russel on ComeandgoVietnam wrote about it

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starbucks Saigon

Starbucks Saigon
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Starbucks Saigon

"From the website: "Iyo was first developed in southern California with the concept which was:
“creating a place to be called “the third place” away from home and work.”

In Vietnam we decided to open the 1st store in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh city to be the standard store for our chain in the future. Iyo’s signature products such as Frozen Yogurt, Blended coffee or crepe are guaranteed to be fresh as well as the best quality that can be offered in the smart and fastest way."

They actually serve starbucks coffee, or better say, you serve, because it's sself service. You go to the coffee machine and press the "Latte" button and you get a cup of coffee. Pretty basic. The coffee taste is close to starbucks, so maybe at least the beans are real.

Kind of funny is this:
"We are the 1st store in Vietnam to offer self-serve frozen yogurt and hot coffee. Our waiters are always ready to serve and help with food or drink orders. We hope you will enjoy this unique experience." So what is a waiters job if you have to do the work by your own???


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The asian way: it's me versus we

When I came the first time to Asia some years ago one thing I learned form travel books was, that the main difference between Asian and western culture is the focus on either the individual or the group. I learned that Asian culture focuses on the family, the village, the country. The individual doesn't really count. And western culture is totally pointing on the individual, with individual rights and since some years the change in society from large families to double-income-no-kids.

After two years I think this is wrong. Actually the asian culture from a single persons perspective is way more about Me then We. The family, the community, the country, it might be important but only for the own advantage. The family is a insurance: You get food when you need, shelter, borrow money. But most people use it as a system. And complain when other members ask for that service. Whatever people do they try to get a personal advantage first. Then they look what is left for the community. That's how business works in Asia.

Western culture may give individuals some rights, but that's only for the countries best. Like Kennedy said, don't ask what you country does for you, ask what you can do for your own country. That's a We-perspective. Even business looks for sustainability. for long term. It's important that the system will grow and stay, so all efforts are for profit but also for keeping the system alive.

You won't find that in the asian culture. Nobody cares for higher purposes. The money that comes in today counts/ If the system fails, so what, there will be another system. If my auntie doesn't boroow me money I ask my grandfather.

I know that this is controvers, and I might be wrong. I also don't want to point on Asia and say it's wrong what they do. It's just a experience and observation of the daily life in Asia.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 reasons why using Twitter is NOT wasting time

Its funny: Just recently I read an article by the Scobleizer that Google Wave may be a waste of time because it's a information overload. People say the same about Twitter, that it's a waste of time to read tweets like "had coffee". It may also a waste of time to tell everyone that you are on the way to work now.

That might be true, but that's nothing to do with Twitter. It's about using it. Cruising a car through the city might be senseless, but is that a reason to argue against cars at all?

So here are 10 reasons why using twitter is NOT a waste of time.

1. It's probably the shortest way of information on the internet. Just 140 characters. Less than news articles and blogposts.

2. It's all about information. You follow the right people, you get the fastest newsstream ever in real time.

3. It reflects real life: Chitchating might be a waste of time, but we do it because we need it.

4. Even "Have coffee" might be a useful information. Means also this person isn't busy so you can call him or her, or that he/she is a person who knows that a break is something you refresh yourself.

5. You switch in on: Don't want to get disturbed, don't read it. It's that easy.

6. Be careful who you follow: You may not want to give your phone to all the marketing companies in the world, because their aggressive marketing sucks. So why follow these guys (or something similar ) on twitter?

7. Tweets like "Doing nothing" are first wrong, because writing this is something, and second are a waste of twitter. But that's your problem, not twitters. Just post something interesting.

8. It's a real time Google: If you need information about any even in real time, twitter might be the best tool available for that. That actually leads to

9. It's all about filters: Just set up different filters for important stuff on twitter, narrow down people they are more interesting, look for certain keywords you may want to monitor.

10. It's your time, not twitters time. Nobody forces you. Come on, be a bit more self responsible and don't cry for mums help just because you follow techcrunch and robert scoble.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Barcamp Phnom PEnh 2009 - more impressions

See what people say about the Barcamp in Phnom Penh 2009.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Barcamp Phnom Penh: Norbert Klein explains how ICANN works

Norbert Klein, who brought email to Cambodia and is working closely with ICANN, explains the TLD system on the Barcamp Phnom Penh. Listen to 45 Minutes of Audio:

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Barcamp Phnom Penh 2009 first impressions

Just a short video from the preparations at Panasastra University for the upcoming barcamp 2009 in Phnom Penh.