Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starbucks Saigon

Starbucks Saigon
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Starbucks Saigon

"From the website: "Iyo was first developed in southern California with the concept which was:
“creating a place to be called “the third place” away from home and work.”

In Vietnam we decided to open the 1st store in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh city to be the standard store for our chain in the future. Iyo’s signature products such as Frozen Yogurt, Blended coffee or crepe are guaranteed to be fresh as well as the best quality that can be offered in the smart and fastest way."

They actually serve starbucks coffee, or better say, you serve, because it's sself service. You go to the coffee machine and press the "Latte" button and you get a cup of coffee. Pretty basic. The coffee taste is close to starbucks, so maybe at least the beans are real.

Kind of funny is this:
"We are the 1st store in Vietnam to offer self-serve frozen yogurt and hot coffee. Our waiters are always ready to serve and help with food or drink orders. We hope you will enjoy this unique experience." So what is a waiters job if you have to do the work by your own???



Tim said...

I've said it before - why would anyone go to these places, when they can go to a Trung Nguyen, pay less than half the price, and drink much better coffee served at your table in a real cup? Mystifies me!

Thomas Wanhoff said...

I really love Trung Nguyen and I think they have bigger potential than Highlands, bit they also have to improve. Just some proper shops isnt't enough. They need a clean up. And the success of Starbucks is a brand success: It's not jut about the coffee, it's about the whole experience.

~*~sobriquetz~*~ said...

hi, came across your blog as I was searching about yogurt in vietnam

is it possible to tell me the price of frozen yogurt at Iyo and Yogen Fruz? i really want to know! :)

drop me an email at

thanks! i really appreciate it! :)

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Yogen Fruz is 45.000 for a small top-it and 55.000 for a small blended. Don't know it for Iyo.

Sowenjub said...

Was there just a moment ago, wondering about the Starbucks brand there.
Anyway, the frozen yog is 25K VND for 100 grams, same thing for topping.

~*~sobriquetz~*~ said...

Thanks Thomas and Sowenjub! :)

婉如 said...

I am wondering if there is Starbucks CIty Cup avaialble in the Vietnam store? My friend is asking me to buy one for him.