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Driver Licence in Vietnam - Procedere

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How to apply for a vietnamese driver licence?
1. You need a Vietnamese licence. International driver licences are not accepted.

2. Go to your embassy and ask for translation of your licence into english (you can skip this if you are from US, AUS or UK, of course)

3. Go to Le Duan Street, there is the official translation office. You need passort copies, visa copy, driver licence copies, 5 pictures 4x3, english translation of original driver licence. They will tell you when you can pick up the translated documents (costs about 40.000 VND)

4. Then you go to 252 Ly Chinch Tang, first floor. Foreigners dont need to wiat, just go to the first counter, smile and give them all the documents. Wait for advise.

5. Depending if you already allowed to drive a motobike with more then 50 cc you need a testdriving or not. Anyway, the next palce to go is 63 Ly Tu Trong Street. There you apy again and 10 days after you get the Vietnamese driver licence.
If you need a testdriving, they will give you the date. On this date, come arround 8 and try the parcours first. They provide motobikes with gear, but you can also use your own. Then go to the first floor in the building on the right hand, and give them al the documents. Then wait untit yiour name is announced. The parcour is a 8, and a slalom. Quite easy. After you show your passport and your old driver licence, 10 days later you can pick up your Vietnamese licence at the same place.
If you fail in the testdriving, just apply for a new one one week later.

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