Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coffee in Vietnam

I didn't really know that Vietnam is one of the largest coffee suppliers for Germany. Today the Vietnam News writes about the growing coffee business in Vietnam, explaining that last year Vietnam shipped 234.000 tons to Germany, just behind Brasil.

Germans are using 13 kg coffee per year, what I can verify. But I am still drinking my German coffee brewes with my Senseo coffee maker:

The main reason is that I cannot buy this coffee pads here, so my mother sent me pads. But another reason is that in my opinion the Vietnamese coffee is very strong. That's because as I learned there is mainly Robusta coffee harvested, which is much bitter than the arabica.

But I am also surprised about all the coffee shops here. As a longtime starbucks addict I immediatly went into all the Highlands and Cafe Terrace and Paris Deli Shops. I still have to try Gloria Jean (that's the name, right?) and the Trung Nguyen-Chain. Highlands seems to be the most expensive, I like the design of the Paris Deli in Phung My Hung, it's very french landhouse style.

Anyone like to make a coffee shop trip around Saigon?


Benjamin said...

I did try the Gloria Jeans Coffee. I was surprised that they served me the "having here" - coffee in a papercup.
But despite the unusual maybe even ugly look of a paper cup, the cappuccino was really good!
Btw. the wireless password was 11112222 (dont know whether this is a general setting in all their branches) ;)


Lương Bình Hải said...

Thomas...u should try Trung Nguyen coffee...It's the no.1 coffee in Vietnam. Highlan is not coffee...