Monday, November 2, 2009

Superrich expats need urgent....

... an ironing lady. Before I came to Vietnam I don't even knew that this exists. But apperently it does. Found this in my mailbox:
Hi all,
I am looking for a person who can help out with the laundry, or just
ironing. Two mornings a week could be good enough. If you know some
one with good references please let me know.

Notice the "just ironing".

My wife and me are both working and I always do the ironing by myself. I just wonder if all these expat have a ironing lady at home as well?


Tim said...

Nowt wrong with this Thomas - if they're busy and they can afford to pay someone, why not? At least someone who needs the cash is benefitting from their lack of time/laziness (delete as appropriate!)

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Hmm. I am not sure. First of all I doubt that money makes the world go round, and creating only low paid jobs by expats will not improve the situation but actually widens the gap. But there was also a portion of irony (!) because they "urgently" looked for someone - as ironing is something that will kill you when it's not done.
And I also want to point out that a lot of expats actually cannot afford that living standard in their home country. So they play the rich guys here cause the company pays - unfortunatlye a lot also changing their character in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

hope I won't start as a serial commenter on your blog.

I think he/she needs it and somebody (if not, a lot) will willing to do it.

In fact, if the building where he lives (I assume expats always live in overpriced apartments) has that service, then I believe you'll have no objections, do you?

Rock Portrait Photography said...

Thomas, I think you're being a little naive here. It's perfectly normal for this service, and you don't have to be rich to take advantage of it.
Even back in Australia we have cleaners and laundry services - even though they are expensive. Life is very busy these days so any way we can retrieve some spare minutes is welcomed.

As for me, I do my own ironing now, but that's only because I sacked my maid for being so completely hopeless at turning up at the agreed time. I couldn't be bothered negotiating with a new maid so I just do it myself now. However, I have been late for work a couple of times because I forgot that I didn't have any ironed shirts as I was rushing out the door.

In Vietnam, in my opinion, having a maid (including ironing services) is simply part of renting an apartment. No different to paying for gas, water, electricity and internet. And it provides employment for a local.

Stephen McGrath

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Ok, it seems that the irony wasn't clear and I may choosed the wrong topic for that. Although I still can't see while an ironing lady is urgent, I just wanted to point out the way expats see the world in a country where 90 percent see it different. And my experience is that some expats just cant survive on their own - and that is just a shame.
Oh by the way, appartments in Phu My Hung are also overpriced for Vietnamese and does NOT include maid. Another misunderstanding...