Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my dog cant read the sign

So the Phu My Hung management decided to ban walking on the gras. First, my dogs can't read, so sorry. I will not walk barefoot as mentioned on the sign :-) Actually, I don't really understand why they do it (and why they don't explain). The kids really love to play on the gras, and I think it's actually important for them to feel a bit of gras instead only concrete and tiles.


Dylan Duong said...

My dog can't read the sign either.

First, it happened when I was on vacation in 2006, staying in the backpackers district, I often walked my dog over to the park across from Pham Ngu Lao Street.

Sorry but my dog has to go to the bathroom. It's better for him to go in the grass than on concrete. Put yourself in his shoes. Where would you rather go? And which location (grass vs. sideway) has more pedestrian traffic?

Second time was when I lived in Phu Nhuan District where there was no grassy area and my dog was forced to take care of business on the street. Yes, in front of on-coming traffic. I always carried a plastic bag to clean up afterwards.

Third time, was at my home in District 1. It's okay for the landlord's dogs (who bark all night mind you) to take care of business in HER home but NOT okay for my dog (who sleeps all night) and goes in a self-contained area.

My dog is in a better place now, away from the hassles of living in Saigon.

Just for fun, let's calculate the economic loss to the surrounding businesses.

What did the area businesses lose?

- One loyal expat who eats out 3 meals a day x 150,000 VND per day x 365 days a year = 164,250,000 VND per year (approximately $9,125 USD/year).

- The landlord lost one long-term tenant. 4.5M (rent) x 12 months x 5 years = 270,000,000 VND per year (approximately $15,000 USD/year)

So apparently, I can't read the sign either. Or I chose to ignore it.

One thing is for sure: I'll gladly take my business elsewhere.

Rock Portrait Photography said...

Didn't you just write a post on the importance of rules?

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Haha, good point. Actually the dog wasn't really on the gras and second, even if, the sign is for preventing people running over it while it's just regrowing. So a dog foot won't hurt it. The importance of rules isn't just following them blindly, more important is to understand the meaning!