Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The fast growth in Vietnam

This is something rather personal than an analysis. When I was passing by the bridge that leads from Thon Duc Tang to Quan 4, I remembered that just 1.5 years ago when we arrived so many things were different. Within this short period of time the Saigon Paragon was build, opened and has already its first anniversary coming. Although its still empty, its a landmark. Or look at the parking place where my wife learned driving a motobike: it's now the foundation of the crescent mall (200 retails shops? Do they know that most of the retail shops in Phu My Hung are for rent?).
Or the office building behind Unilever: There are finished now, so is the bridge - a shortcut from Unilever to the Australian International School. Look at the buildings at the so called Canal Street in Phu My Hung: People living now in, frozen yoghurt shops opened, and the Photo shop turned already into a nice cafe (PF Cafe). Oh, and the Calmette bridge opened as well as the Highway connecting Quan 8 and Quan 1. and last but not least the Phu My Bridge connects District 7 and District 8.
Vietnam is changing dramatically everyday, business open and close, buildings rise and fall so does companies. I always say there is no sustainability in Vietnam, and I am pretty sure there isn't, but on the other side there is this fast rising of new things which I kind of like. I look for change, for development, and wether its the right or wrong direction> Vietnam is developing, thats for sure. And thats what I was missing in Germany.


Scotbro said...

The Phu My Bridge connects Districts 7 and 2. The Nguyen Van Cu Bridge connects Districts 1 and 5 with 4 and 8.

Dave's World said...

Companies rise and fell, economy is up and down but the city is a sustainable whole because it has endure many hardship from transitioning in different government system but the Saigon people are still living and always strive for success and prosperity.

djgj said...

The infrastructure hasn't just sprung up overnight, the governments 5 year plan which was started over 10 years ago is just being completed, sort of, part of the 2020 masterplan. its great to see and yes, it should be more reglated but when each district can sell land for profit it makes it less likely to care about tomorrow.

Also, starting from a low base where there was hardly any decent roads / bridges in HCMC.

I read about the opening of a new road today going from HCM to somewhere in the middle of no where like Tien Giang, which doesn't allow motorbikes and has decent speed limits.