Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Repair Vietnamese style

This is a lamp in the park next to us. Children are playing around, dogs as well. Sometimes it's wet, because of rain or watering the plants. I guess the lamp was reported broken and this is the way things getting fixed in Vietnam. That is also the reason why a girl got electrocuted recently using a ATM. That's why boys last year died when loose cable hit them.
With very very fews exceptions (the camera repair shop in the antique street, apple future world and my Yamaha Dealer) I haven't seen any proper fixing or repair in Vietnam. It's always very poor standard, no sense of craftsmanship.
Some of my friend told me that this is the way things are done in Vietnam. I can't accept this. First, everyone can always improve. Second, people die because of this so called fixing culture. It's actually just the laziness to do things properly, and the lack of a desire to do better.
That's what actually, on a larger scale, will keep Vietnam on the current level of economy.


MicEdwards said...

Agreed. This is precisely why it will be so hard for Vietnam to escape the middle income trap ...

See: google: middle income trap vietnam

vntri said...

I'm a Vietnamese student. I'm very sad when reading your entry, but it's true.
By watching television, I often hear foreigner said that VN is so beautiful. That maybe a communicate art.