Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Warning: Forever Freedom international is a MLM scheme!!

Just received emails that a company called FFI (Forever Freedom International) is starting to do business in Vietnam. Do NOT call them or get into any business. It is a MLM scheme, or Snowball scheme, and I do not see any real opportunity for you. Ad the end, you will end up like Herbalife sales people and desperately looking for new customers while having lost most of your friends already since you sold them basically useless and over priced products.
So please stay away from FFI and warn your friends about it


Unknown said...

It seems that the Vietnamese are a good target of such fraudsters. Some friends of mine told me that Herbalife & co have a good business in Vietnam.

Another good example what I've seen last month. My maid showed me a printed email and a self-formulated answer to this letter in English. I should check that before she send. After the first line, I was taken aback ... the mail was one of the beautifully worded spam from the Nigeria Connection.

Then I informed my maid what kind of letter is it. Her face was a little disappointed but later she was happy that she is not pursued further.
It is an object of us to educate our Vietnamese friends that not every white man is a good man.

Unknown said...

It is so true and thank you so very much for your help to educate innocent Vietnamese people, Sir and Mr. Wanhoff!

Best wishes!
Beware MLM