Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Qing Bar is moving to Pasteur 110

One of the best bars in town, Qing in Dong Du, needs to move from the location just accross Sheraton. Florence just sent this email:
We would like to inform all our customers that "Qing Bar & Du Salon" in Dong Du Street was forced to close abruptly, we will re-open very soon after Tet Holidays at 110 Pasteur Street.
You might find another restaurant that will open in our old location looking just like us, but don't get fooled, they simply have no imagination. We love Vietnam, and see you all again soon. Happy Holidays.

It's now the third case I know (after Lions and Underground as far as I know are the other two) when foreigners started a restaurant or bar business, made it successful and well known and then the landlord or shareholder or whoever was involeved kicked the founder out.

The restaurant and hospitality business is not that easy as it lok like. And my experience is, if you just look for quick money, you better join the next casino tour.

I will go to the old Qing place, have a look what they are doing and complain, if it's a fake. They should know that they cannot fool people, if they do. Let's see.

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Anonymous said...

hey thomas - yeah, business ethics here are not so good. it crimps value creation and ultimately really hurts the vietnamese economy and vietnamese people. after all, how many businesses have NOT been started because people have seen the hard work of others stolen? i will NOT patronize the qing copycat bar and i will urge others to do the same.