Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting lazy with blogging?

Hmm. Nearly one week without a post here. Why? It's not that I am not online anymore. I am, more than ever. There is is just a tiny cute competitor to blogs now available (actually I am using this since 2006, but the use increased recently).. The compatitor is called Twitter.

I am telling trough Twitter what I am doing, but have discussions there and providing links as well. stiff that you found in blogs before.

So I am blogging less. But is the frequency important? Yes, for some reason like Google it is. The more updated your bog, the higher the ranking (or at least the more Google loves you).

But there is another point. A lot of stuff I tweet is not really important. It's chitchatting with followers. Throwing ideas around. The blog is something I take more serious. These posts here are a start of a conversation, or an advise or something like this.

So yes, I will blog less, but I try to keep it more valuable. If you like to know what I do everyday, then follow me on

Or find me at Facebook (even if I don't really like it).

Or wait not more than one week to read a new post here.


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