Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

I wonder why people are so surprised about the spread of swine flu. Just think it started in Mexico and then count people traveling in, but especially out of Mexico every day. The chance is more then high that people form all over the world are leaving from Mexico, and airports and planes are one of the best places to catch a infection. That's how diseases like flu are spreading.
So it should not surprise us that swine flu has arrived in country X. Thats not a real news. More interesting is if it's spreading there. For now, we have just some confirmed cases and they can be treated easily. My concern is that we might have cases in countries where the monitoring system isnt' that sophisticated than in Europe or the US. There might be people running around and developing themself as spreaders.
In Vietnam most of the people wearing mask because of the dust in the city. Unfortunately people spitting always like crazy and when the sneeze they never use a tissue. And handwashing is still quite unpopular. Never shake hands with a taxi driver!!

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