Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Hacker Hour H3

Happy Hacker Hour H3
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Yesterday I joined the H3 Happy Hacker hour again at Quan Nuong Toi Restaurant. The roof top is a nice place and the food is great, like mostly in Vietnam.
So what is Happy Hacker Hour? It's a informal gathering of geeks and people who are interested in INternet business. It's not really a hacker meeting, actually I dod not see one single laptop yesterday (but of course the small gear, iphones and so on).
What I really like is to meet people I see rarely during my work hours. A talk with David is always a pleasure, and I was happy to meet Yen the first time, a very nice lady who speaks fluently German.
Rick is always cool, so is Dan. Huy showed up for some time, and even chip made it. I will meet both again in Bangkok for Barcamp3. For the first time I met two guys who were already familiar to me, thanks to twitter. @kennedypj and @etienne are both really nice guys, and good to have them here in Saigon. Ok enough expats, @ducban came with his lovely lady, @vinapay also, as well as some new guys I haven' met before and as usual, I forgot their names.
It's networking as it's best, these H3 Happy Hacker Hours, and thanks to @anhhung for organising again.


Nguyen H. Tuan said...

can you give me the link or the contact with these H3 geeks. I'm coming to Vietnam this summer and really want to join some groups to do something.

David Everitt-Carlson said...

Right on Thomas! It's the best and most friendly professional group I've ever met in Vietnam!

And now a note to Nguyen H. Tuan:

No we're not giving you shit! Just crawl back in whatever hole you came from and don't bother us again - ousider!

Just kidding! Get me (Wildwildeast) on Twitter and I'll hook you up!

Nguyen H. Tuan said...

to David: Gosh.... you scared me, dude!

David Everitt-Carlson said...

Ha ha! I'm a scary dude!

Nguyen H. Tuan said...

seems like you are proud of it... kaka.... hey I added you on Twitter. Did you see it?

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Tuan, we connect on Twitter (look for #h3) or on Facebook, there is a happy hacker hour group in Saigon (I guess you need to be in tne Vietnam network)