Saturday, May 23, 2009

Notes from Barcamp Bangkok 3

Two session I joined where I was taking some notes:
About presentations:

- slide is a reference point, it visually stimulates your audience.

- pictures can tell a story

- rule of thirds for pictures

- use movies

- find images that show emotions

- use small 6px font as some keywords for you in the left bottom

And another session about MANAGING THAI STAFF

- language barrier is always there
- lack of technical qualification ->training needed
- fluctuation of staff

- pooling task and pooling people
- stop putting people into specific tasks
- solution: bring all staff and task together in a big group

we train them all in once
we pool all related to using english together

same level in hierachy makes communication easier

if one leaves, the other still have the knowledge

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Nguyen H. Tuan said...

Yeah, pictures tell a thousand words. Videos are worth thousands of pictures. But, don't misuse the two too much. Pictures are evidences, not ideas. While Videos are someone else speaking, not you.