Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Banana Pub and Restaurant in Phu My Hung

There is a new so called Pub in Phu My Hung, which hopefully not a sign of a general change in this area.

Banana Pub and Restaurant is located in the Parkview Building, in the former Pat au Chou shop (same building as Tokyo Deli). They have a huge bar you can sit, a billiard table, dart, some tv screens and - beergirls. They also offer food, mainly western style, french fries with whatever. The salmon steak was not that bad, the chicken was under average. Beer is cheep, the girls (would not call them waitresses) doing there best (what includes sitting on you legs) to serve you.

What I like: When it's closed. (As I said, the salmon steak was ok, the beer was cold, and you might like it to sit outside in the early evening for people watching).

What I don't like: It's one of this sexpats bars, where older grey haired overweight westerners together with lonesome koreans gather to have what they call fun with vietnamese girls. I saw two men actually grabbing the girls butt, and they cannot complain, otherwise I am sure they get fired.

One day they were partying until 2.30am, the music was to hear all over the Parkwview B tower as well as the neighboring appartments and villas. (Disclosure: As neighbors we were really pissed to stay awake until early morning)

Open 10am to 12pm.


Robert said...

You are way off. I am married and go there with my wife often. Though I have seen some of what you say in the past, that rarely is the case now. Most of the staff are related to the owners, and no one seems to be doing anything against there will. If you want to imply any of them are prostitutes, then you are terribly misguided and should apologize for your post. Most of the staff are friendly, good natured people. They even have male staff working the bar. If its a little to racy for you, try somewhere more toned down, like the Tavern. As for the noise...dude, you live in Saigon! Go live in a Vietnamese area, its twice as noisy all hours of the night and very early in the morning. Phu My Hung is a ghost town most nights.

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Robert I did not say prostitutes, I say that they have to accept to be touched by customers. Not against their will? I doubt that. They just let the do. And yes, they are very friendly. My point was that the owners did not care about the neighbors. You may noticed that the post was written in July 2009 and in VN things might change fast. When I lived in Parkview 2nd floor, it was disturbing. And yes, I know VN is noisy, but have a quiet nice Environment is why you pay higher rents in PMH.