Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to spread rumors...

I got through a email list this message:

A few days ago our 2 year old cat died of stomach cancer.
I' ve heard some stories about Whiskas biscuits causing cancer in dogs
and cats but I'd never really heard something concrete, and how on
earth can they keep it on the shelves if its so harmful!?

Yes, how can they keep it in the shelves? Maybe because this rumor is just not true? I can't believe that people are not ashamed to ask this publicly (and spread rumors with those postings). But the worst is, that instead of just thinking for some minutes or search in the internet, the rumor is spread first and others should do the work.

Wonder what they do if I post "I've heard some stories about Ms. XXXX that she steals and cheat, but I've never really heard something concrete..."

People just stop thinking when the next conspiracy theory is so close..

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