Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marketing via Wifi - and how to do not

When you go to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop, you can use the Wifi there for free. What you need is a password. Usually shops say it's 12345 or 22222. Coffee Bean does better. The use their product names, like cafelatte or iceblended. Since many people more likely remember the internet password than a coffeeshop product, its a nice way of marketing.

Totally different does actually the Korean Company Angel-in-us. Ok, the name itself is silly, but their branch at Nguyen Hue Street does even better. See the screenshot of available networks and guess what the Angel-in-us one is.


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Anonymous said...

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Tim said...

The only time I went to Coffee Bean I asked on arrival if they had wifi. They said yes, so I sat down & ordered. When I asked for the password, none of the staff knew it so I was unable to use it. They also brought the wrong drink. And the tiramisu was awful. But apart from that...;)