Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Forte La Pizza Italiana - new in Phu My Hung

The S area of Phu My Hung - the part where waterfront is and Greenview and CanhVien - lacked of western restaurants- until now. Forte La Pizza Italiana just opened inCanh Vien 1. Italian chef, italian owned says the brochure. whatever they did it Italy it was not running a restaurant. First try revealed that lasagne is not available. Second try no pesto.. pizza starts at 150000 vnd because toppings are expensive, the Australian lady apparently in charge for the service told me. and basil is hard to get, she added.

I was the only customer, but they could not get the lasagne heated up inside. and the piece of food was kind of small. second try brought the lasagne warm, but far from hot.

The food is just average, but way to pricy. Its seems some friends decided to open a pizzeria - and facing now reality. They better have opened a pub or a bar where they can do what they enjoy most - chatting with friends instead of taking care of the customers. They later offered me the meal free of charge after I complained, but I insisted of paying. I got a lot of " I am sorry", let's see if they learn from that.

UPDATE: Laziness brought me back one more time. The local staff is quite nice and helpful, the italian chef as well (he made me spaghetti pesto for free since he remembered the story, that was quite nice). I am still not a fan of the pizza and I still think it's too expensive and I am convinced that the western lady working there better should get some training in hospitality. But after all, give it a try.


Anonymous said...

任何事都是由一個決心,一顆種子開始。 ..................................................

Lee said...

I recently ordered from this pizzeria and was very happy. The Pollo pizza (chicken, peppers, onion) was very generously topped, beautifully crisp thin base and delivered within 30 minutes. It was absolutely delicious, without doubt the best pizza I have had in the Phu My Hung neighbourhood. The telephone service was efficient and the delivery guy very courteous (although with limited English). The pizza cost 150,000VND which I think is fair when compared to prices, taste and quality of the PMH competition (Al Fresco's, Sarpino's, etc). I shall certainly be calling Forte Pizza in future.

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Did they lower the price? I remember Margarita started with 150.000 VND. Anyway, try Ciao Firenze in Hung Vuong 2, their Pizza is my favorite so far (and the do have mushrooms and ham, a classic, what Forte does not have).
Anyway, Forte may improve. I hope so for them. Oh an al Freso's just sucks. Always.

Lee said...

Maybe the prices have been reduced. On my menu, the margherita is 120,000. The Quattro Formaggi is the most expensive at 190,000 which seems a lot, but it all depends on the quantity of the topping i guess. I shall certainly try Ciao Firenze at some point. Agree with you on Al Fresco's anyway - best avoided.

James said...

I went to Forte Pizza a couple of days ago and had the Gorgonzola pizza. It was fantastic. I have travelled N America, Europe (including Italy), Asia, Africa and Australia and I cannot remember tasting such a simple yet tasty pizza. It is a new business with all the problems that come with a new business and I expect it will only improve as time goes by. A relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff is also a pleasure. I believe the Australian lady in question is a professional teacher so she may lack some hospitality skills but she makes up for that with her friendly personality.
I will surely go bak.