Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cafe Do: tiny cafe with live music

cafe do

What I like the most about Saigon are the cafes. There are hundreds of them, many are hidden in small alleys, and you have to know the place. These cafes are the real beauty of the city, usually providing a quit place, slow beats if any. Recently a friend took me to Cafe Do. It's in an alley, oneandahalf room, with a corner as a stage for young musicians. I was listening to three singers, one of them, a young girl, said she will sing in English because there is one foreigner (me) there tonight. I was stunned.
These places offer you a glimpse into the world of young Vietnamese people who are not spending all their money for bags and phones (although some of them might do this as well). But at least they are building a scence, something thats quite important for developing a diversified music and events business. In one of this cafe I discovered Le Cat Trong Ly, who is sometimes even on HTV.

Cafe Do
118/30 Tran Quang Dieu
P.14 Q.3, Ho Chi Minh City
(083) 931-4008


Qua said...

did you know about acoustic cafe/bar ? A lot more noisy and chaotic thou

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Yes, Qua, I know it, but it's too crowded and sometimes the singers are not that good