Wednesday, September 15, 2010

General advice for buying dogs in Vietnam

First of all: Do not buy from any breeder. I haven't seen a reliable breeder in Vietnam. It's all about money. There are some breeds more or lesson fashionable, like Phu Quoc Dogs, Retriever, German Shepard, and some chinese and japanese breeds. The best way to get a healthy dogs is to look around your neighborhood. You may see a pregnant female Vietnamese street dog. Follow and ask the owners. Or look around if there is a small dog between 1 and 2 years old. If so, ask the owners if they sell it. My experience is, that most locals dogs are just smart.

Most important:

Do not buy puppies less than 8 weeks old

First Vaccination should be given:

- the age of 6 weeks and then at 9 weeks old and 12 weeks old (if the mother did not receive vaccine and there is not enough antibody in her body for the puppies)
- at the age of 7-8 weeks and then at 12 weeks old (if the mother was vaccinated before)

Rabbies should not be given before 3 months old.

Please inspect the place where the puppies grew up, look at their living conditions.

If the puppies look tired, they may be under medication to keep them quiet. Dont buy


Andreas said...

Hi, im a Swedish expat living in Ho Chi Minh.

I totally agree on what you write, iv been looking for a dog for about 1 year. And yesterday i found a 3 month old Golden retriever.
Its abit shy but that normal, otherwise its fine. The owner could provide me with vaccinationpapers and also told me it needed a rabies shot within this month.
Seen so many sick and drugged dogs around and it makes me mad.

Her name is Daisy and i hope i can give her a good home.
Iv had dogs since i was small but this will still be a challange.


Marc said...

Just make sure don't go to Pet Care in Thao Dien or The new Pet Hospital (a japanese Company)

One of our dogs died because of bad treatment, the other has a damaged kidney, which will of course be a problem for the rest of his life (special diet etc)

I can recommend Dr. Nghia of SaigonPet in Thao Dien. he's the only vet we found here that speaks fluently english and has studied in the UK. On top of that he really loves animals and you can see that. He's also the only one who doesn't try to sell me cheap vitamins for my pets for only $50, or calcium or things like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thomas. I'm looking for a dog "german shepherd puppy". Very important post for me.