Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blogging in Lao or English?

On topic appears on many of the Barcamps and conferences I attended so far: In what language I should blog? The most common answer is: The language of your audience. If my readers are German nationals, I would blog in German. Since this blog here is read by mostly foreigners, it is in English. Would I blog about Laos (if I could write Lao)? No. The reason is simple: Google. No search engine right now understands Lao. So whenever people searching for any Lao related content, they search in English. If I want my content to be found I have to write in English. so if people in Lao write only in Lao, the audience is quite small. Only Lao people will read it. So, in case you are Lao and want to start a blog, consider having it at least bi-lingual. So you can not only increase your traffic, but also the content about Laos in the World Wide Web.

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A. Arvi said...

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