Friday, December 9, 2011

Be aware of scammers in Vietnam

Saigon was a wonderful place to live and we never had a real bad experience. Unfortunatly this isn't the case for everyone. Adam is reporting about Scammers a lot. If you plan to visit Saigon, I highly recommend to read hos blog first. Not that I want you to say home. Just be aware of the scam and say No the first time the scammers approach you.


Lam Cam Thuy said...

sorry for the bad experiences about VN, But you may be the most unlucky one.My friends were thieved all document, laptops, visa, money in the central of the most civilized European: France, Holand, Italy. Scammers are not only in VN, but anywhere, anyhow. So, to take a tour we should also prepare ways, things to react the bad moment which may happen casually

Susan Johnson said...

Nice information thanks for sharing.

Naruto Sumo said...

Vietnam is so amazing, you can see vietnam holidays for a whole lot more about the country