Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just men

.. is the name of a beauty salon in Ton That Thiep Street (just across Saigon Center), and the offer kind of beauty treatment for men. I went there at 9.30 am, just to make sure that's a safe and proper service the offer. And, hell, it is: Even some called me a metro man, its a real relaxing experience. I had a head, back and should massage, manicure, shaving and shampooing and felt like in heaven and surrounded by angels. The staff speaks english, they are friendly, attentive, the place is clean, they offer you free coffee or tea, but beer and wine is available too. So is Wifi.
Prices are reasonable. Haircut and style 9 USD, shampoo 5 USD, manicure 5 USD.
Massage is 15 USD for 45 min men recovery and 20 USD for 60 min relaxing.
Yes, there are cheaper places in HCMC, but it's like having a dinner at a restaurant: You don't pay just for a grilled chicken, you also pay for service, environment and so on.

Open daily from 9am until 8pm. after 8pm by appointment only.

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