Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Twitter is so successful

Gregor made a good point in an article on techcrunch about twitter and its success:
This simple premise holds the key to Twitter’s success: messages go to a well-defined audience. In the moment you release a tweet, you know who’s on the line and you have an idea of who can catch a glimpse of your message. @replies are the best illustration for this sense of audience: Even though Twitter is not a point-to-point message delivery system (let alone a reliable one), @replies are sent with the understanding that they will be read by the intended people because they are known to be in the audience. (Imagine a newspaper article that suddenly greeted a specific reader.)

Thats excatly why people feel comfortable with twitter. Its more like a chat room, where you can find real (yeah, i know about fake accounts) people.

If your blog isn't commented daily, you have no clue who are your readers are. With twitter, you have.

Gotta go and tweed this article now.

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