Saturday, November 15, 2008

Barcamp Saigon

I got up early this morning, the organizers met at 7 am at RMIT, the venue for Barcamp Saigon. We had around 300 people already registered on the website and more expected to just register on the spot.
Everything works fine, the volunteers doing a great job in giving introduction, handing over the welcome package and helping finding rooms.
Even providing lunch is smooth, nobody has to wait for a long time in the queque. Like Jeff said, its the chicken-or-fish-choice, but that's fine. Hey, its for free!

Peronsally I made my how-to-wtitter-and-why-session and joined for a short time Bryan from VinaGame. He is one of the most experience guys in the vietnam internet market and VinaGame (one of the Barcamp main sponsors by the way) is the leader in this business.

I will later join the how to make money on the internet session, because my focus is not that much on software or programming but on how to turn a feature rich webservice into a good selling product.

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Huy said...

Actually, Bryan and I had to wait in the lunch line for 15-20 minutes. That is quite long