Thursday, November 27, 2008

(Live) News coverage on Mumbai and Thailand on Twitter

Twitter is fast - and maybe too fast. Authorities in India asked twitterers to stop live coverage of military operations to avoid giving the terrorists too much information.

Sorry but in the interest of saving lives we will stop discussing any military advancements or plans. (Please Retweet)

Not so in Thailand: Twitter is my major source now, but of course i know that these news are mainly by pad people or people who support pad. but anyway its interesting to get that personal view.

my favorite sources:

Regarding delayed news coverage: I remember a hostage situation in Berlin some years ago where a news camera team where close by and transmitted live picture. Then the police ask to stop that because the news channel provided live pictures of special forces taking position. and of course the person inside the house where because of this able to see whats going on outside.

It's really good to stay in Vietnam :-)

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