Saturday, November 29, 2008

No bread at Highlands Coffee

It's Saturday, we went to Highlands Coffee in Phu My Hung and were looking forward to have that tasty omlette with cheese and ham. But as we ordered the waitress told us that they have no bread. At 9 am on a Saturday.

We asked for the manager and he said, the supplier didn't show up. We asked why they don't just buy some bread in one of the 4 supermarkets nearby or bakeries. The Manager answered they have to use their supplier for bread. Only as we were leaving the Highlands Coffee he started to say he will serve us coffee first and then go to the supermarket.

Actually that's the big problem Highlands Coffee has: If there is a problem, there is no solution. I as the customer have to offer solutions. Especially when there seems to be a violation of the companies policies. Why isn't the management able to give more responsibility to the staff on the ground to just buy some baguette when the supplier is late? Is it more important to wait for the supplier or to have satisfied customers?

A good service is not only to have always good quality, it's also the ability to be flexible on that high standard.


Benjamin said...

Haha, interesting little story. I would have expected a behavior live this from a bureaucratic German restaurant/company... apparently the globalization is moving faster than I thought.


Thao said...

If you live near Phu My Hung, why not go to Banhmibistro in the Sky Garden shops for bread, breakfast and coffee? Reasonable price, good service and excellent bakeries.

Miquel Angel said...


Today, Feb 2011 reading your old post,...comes back to me that last January we had the same issue in another of the restaurants in Phu My Hung, no bread at 8:30 am for a table of 10 foreigners and Viets, we decided to move out to another "surely have bread" place.
The market of Tan My, five minutes drive, plenty of bread and lovely baguettes....

Un believable....not only Highlands....think is a supervision and management problem, like some other issues...


Miquel Angel