Friday, February 6, 2009

Do we need gatekeepers?

One of the most reasons why journalists are think they are important is their role of a gatekeeper. They kind of filter information, but also analyse and in another sense make complicated things more understandable.

In the western world governments think that we people don't understand complicated topics and that's why we need journalists. That worked, because publishing companies also hat the power of printing machines.
This changed with the internet. Now everyone has access to the original source. That also mean, we need to know how to estimate the source.

That give us a lot of self-responsibility. Are we ready for that?

Look at the new google latitude service. It's great, you can see where your friends are. And they can track you. But do you want to be tracked? Sometimes yes. If a have free time, people can know where I am and join me at the Coffee Shop. But sometimes I don't. Then I have to switch that service off.

When we start to blame the service for being Big Brother and call for government action, then we give up our self responsibility.
Its just a stupid computer, and we decide what to do and what not.

Same for watching TV. It's not the fault of the TV stations if our kids watching to much TV. It's us, who have to switch it off and play with our kids.

Just some thoughts


Craig Williamson said...

I feel that way even with mobile phones, though less so now than what I used to feel like. Why do I need to be traceable at all time of the day? Am I really that important? Can people really not tolerate a person not being available every hour of every day?

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Craig you are absolutly right. I remember times when it was ok to shut a phone off. Or when there were not mobile phones at all. But we survived.