Sunday, February 22, 2009

Google Maps now with Vietnam Street Maps


The news spreaded today about the fact, that Google integrated now street names into the Vietnam Google Map. I was waiting long for this feature, although there was a mapmakermap already, for some features I desperately needed Google Maps. So, now it's out, unfortunantly not on iPhone and Google Maps for Mobile (maybe just a matter of time).

What is nice that Google integrated Panoramio, a photo sharing service, whose geotagged pictures appear as a special layer on Google Maps. The same is for Youtube Videos and Wikipedia information.

In a time where Diadiem seems to be in trouble, Google Maps could be a major step forward to GIS-Products.

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Christian said...

Hi Thomas,

Interesting to see that Google Maps offers now more information, although in many countries they offer still very little. Check this blog post:

I think is much better in that sense, because it is open! But unfortunately in Vietnam there is little mapping until now. Time to change! :-)