Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mobile Map and Navigation System in Vietnam Part II: PGuider

Thanks to Khanh I got a link to a website of a company called PyDod. They are specialized in mobile GIS software and just developed a nice piece of software called PGuider. It runs on Symbian and Windows Mobile and is a map as well as a navigations system.

It's not really public right now and still a beta and under development, but here you can see how it looks like.

Depending on your mobile phone you can download the installation files and data directly or you have to ask for the installaton file and the key (that's what I did, and got a response the following day).

For those who are not that much familiar with Vietnamese and how to install software on a Nokia E 71, here some advice (again, thx to khanh for the help).

1. Download the PyPod-Files as well as the .sis-file you got when you ask for it with this form
The fields are:
- Email
- Your Name
- Your IMEI Nummber (press *#06# on you phone)
- The model you are using
- Comments

After you unpacked the files, transfer the to you Nokia Phone. I did it on my Mac with Bluetooth to my SD-Card. Make sure that the .sis file is in the root directory. The PyPod-Folder needs to be in root as well.

Then go on your Nokia to Office-File mgr. ans select the .sis file. The installing will start automatically.

Once your application is running, you can set the language to Vietnamese or English. What I like is that even if you type street names without tones the directory understands it.

PGuider is easy to use, just play arround. Zomming in the Map is 1 and 3, if you need help, there is a help menu. Try the simulation modus once you selected a route - its cool.

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