Sunday, March 1, 2009

Live your life

I recently had a quite interesting talk with a young vietnamese woman. She quit her job (high marketing position, international company), because she lost her social life and was always under pressure. She decided to slow down, take a break and look for new challenges.

What impressed me the most was, that in Vietnam people are thinking about their life balance instead only thinking about money.

The chineses influence in many south-east-asian countries made business men of most of the people, and the culture lost track of the buddhism essentials.

It's a cliche that Asian people meditating a lot and spending hours in spas and pagodas. They spend time in their family and with friends, but a lot of these talks are about business and making money.

That's what we did (and do) in the western world too. But more and more people a getting sick from work, are burned out with 40, having midlife crises with 30 and children with 45.

I decided to slow down my life and to focus more on life quality then how much I earn. I like to enjoy my life, what is working pretty good here Vietnam. And iI appreciated a talk with someone who thinks a bit in the same way.


Amizade said...

Yeah, that's so true. I see every day more and more ppl they have nothing else than the daily work. no social networks in real live out of the work.

that must be alarming for all of us...

Duy Lead said...

Such a nice blog post. That seem you got many idea about the asian world and life in Vietnam

I have just realized to slow down for better life..hum, but still try to get my dream first