Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Direct Marketing with Twitter: Skittles

Ok, the marketing worlds seems to be totally excited about the newest Skittles campaign. What did they do?
They are using the twitter "skittles" search result page as a home pgae to show people what the twitteruniverse is talking about skittles.

Picture 2

That might be a nice idea but:

I think more people using skittles than twitter - so it's actually a twitter marketing campaign

People twittering about the campaign instead about the product

People using the hashtag #skittles to promote their own stuff (like I did for a text with this blogdoman)

People are making jokes ("I give Skittles to my kid when we fly so his ears don't pop")

On the other hand, it's a good idea to show how people are talking about your product, and yes, I like companies who try to discover and try new stuff.

So, it's not the next big thing in marketing, but it's a new way, and we will see how long Skittles will stay with twitter. It will be more interesting to see what people twitter about the product after the campaign hype is over.

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