Friday, March 27, 2009

Segways in Saigon

Segways in Saigon
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Have seen this today near Sunwah tower. They have billboards they say place for rent, kind of advertising. Wow. placing ads on segways. Great idea, you will get a lot of attention, for sure.


Eva said...

Hi Thomas,

We are travelling to Vietnam in the coming week, so very interested to read your blog.

Have you tried the Segways?

Quirinius said...

Good to hear, Thomas. Have you seen any rental prices?

Prices here in the Netherlands are much too high, even with ads on the segways, see here in Delft : 60 euro per 75 minutes! :-(

Quirinius said...

I saw a Segway riding through De Tham yesterday. Was that you, Thomas?

Thomas Wanhoff said...

No, that wasnt me.. but i would be happy to drive one