Monday, August 17, 2009

Metro Cash and Carry’s Imported Meat Is NOT Unsafe to Eat

On August 16 an e-mail with the header “Metro Cash and Carry’s Imported Meat Unsafe to Eat” was posted on some websites here. As some Vietnamese prefer to spread a rumor instead proofing the story, here is the correction, issued by METRO:

Please be aware that most of the information reported in this article is total fabrication.

We carry out routine product checks on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure the safety of our products. The product was discovered in a routine check; none of the products was ever shipped to any Metro location for sale.

There was no raid and no police were involved. No product was seized by the authorities.

We have filed letters of complaint with the editors of the newspapers publishing the fabricated information as well as with the appropriate governmental authorities.

Please be assured that at Metro we take food safety very seriously. Our Quality Assurance procedures are world class.

Our official press release is attached. Please contact our An Phu Store Manager Mr. Paul Le (CCed) if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for shopping at Metro!!

Best Regards,

Randy Guttery

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