Saturday, August 29, 2009

Le Cat Trong Ly in Concert

Le Cat Trong Ly in Concert

Yesterday we went to the Yen Cafe to see a performance by Le Cat Trong Ly , on the most talented young Vietnamese singer and songwriters. You must know where Cafe Yen is, otherwise you will never find it - hidden in a backyard, just some handwritten signes show the way to the tiny cafe room, which is beautifully decorated in white and brown colors. The "stage" is made out of wooden boxes, just enough size to sit on.
Le Cat Trong Ly performs here every Tuesday and Friday, and reservations are highly recommended because of the limited space. You can order some tea and ca phe, but people come here for the performance.
Le Cat Trong Ly uses acoustic guitar and piano, sometimes accompanied by strings and drums, and plays together with Shan, a guitar player and singer as well. What really blow me away was her voice: a bit fagile, but with a lot expression, not a lot volume, but passion, and yes, in opposite to most popular singers in Vietnam she strikes the right notes!

The video I shot shows on of her english songs, while her most famous song is Chenh Venh, and my favorite is Nghe Tôi Kể Này.


ourman said...

Beautiful tune - but it's not one of hers. Would love to hear more though.

Thomas Wanhoff said...

You are right that was an englisg song, I will upload another song in Vietnamese later that day..

Diep said...

Hi, my name is May, I am a Vietnamese, I am studying in US I am so surprise when a foreigner like Vietnamese music. I want to say thanks for you, I don't know the reason I say so but it is from my heart - a Vietnamese.

Kim said...

Great post. You're spot on about your observations. I love her because she's crazy and unique and plays music and sing like no one is listening. Love it! :) I've never heard her sing in English before, until I came across your video. If you guys out there want to check her out, go on Youtube. I like the link below because it shows you a variety of her songs and how she speaks, how she thinks. Pretty cool. :) So.. crazy.. that girl... :) In a good way!

Untied said...

Hi I am Vietnamese American. I agree with you that Le Cat Trong is unlike any modern Vietnamese singers. Listening to her singing reminds me many of the Vietnamese legend singers such as Kbanh Le and Elvis Phuong back in the days. She is very talented in her unique ways. Not only she writes her own songs, she can sing in English which is a plus. Everyone's life can relate to her songs, young or old. I would love to enjoy her music live here in America.