Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Business Visa to Vietnam only for three months? Work permits easier?

The Word is running a story about new visa regulations.
Based on an article published in on Thanh Nien’s website in July, it seems there is more to the problems people are now facing with visa renewal than was at first thought.

According to Ho Chi Minh City’s police department, there are presently 50,000 foreigners residing in the city. Of these, say the labour authorities, only 14,500 have work permits. As a result, writes Thanh Nien, “Labour authorities are seeking stricter measures to curb the rising number of foreign workers working in the city illegally.”

Such measures may include requiring “foreign workers to acquire a labour permit before entering Vietnam. The body also said immigration agencies should not be allowed to extend visas for foreigners working in the country without the permit.”

It seems that without a certain permission from the immigration authorities you will only get a three months business visa extended. The website http://www.vietnam-visa.com/ is also only offering 1 and 3 months visa.

Anyone any more information about that issue? I am also got some information from tha Word that for a work permit:
you now no longer need a police report from your home country if you have been residing in a city or province of Vietnam for six months or more. Instead, you need to apply for a background check from the local So tu phap (Department of Justice). In addition, providing you can prove you have been working in your field of expertise for over five years, then a university degree is unnecessary. However, it remains desirable.

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