Monday, September 7, 2009

One more funny expat posting

Some expats are really lost in this country, and without their army of helpers they would just die out of starvation. This family isn't at that stage yet, but close to:

My Nanny/ Maid/ Cook has not been showing up for work since last
Wednesday after the Public Holiday. She came with very good references
but she's just not that reliable and the ironing is piling up. I would
really appreciate it if anyone can forward on a contact number for an
english speaking child friendly helper.

Ok, at least she isn't mentioning about the food, so they were able to find a restaurant or a delivery service Let's see what will happen if there is no ironing lady in sight. Oh, and if you see the rats walking all in to the same spot, the expat family might haven't found the waste bin yet.


Benjamin said...

hahaha, I really hope you won't turn into one of them one day Thomas

Thomas Wanhoff said...

No way. Just finished my ironing. Selbst ist der Mann