Sunday, September 13, 2009

German bakery Schneider's finest with Vollkornbread in Saigon

Just opened: The new german bakery in Pasteur street/Corner 27 Hanh Thuyen (just around Au Parc cafe) sells german Vollkornbread and German Brötchen (small breads) as I haven't seen it in Saigon before. That feels like home. Prices are reasonable, 48.000 for a bread, 5000-7000 for a small bread (as you see in the picture)

german brötchen


skzimmer said...

Price seems high to me for such a small bread.

Fong chan said...

Dear Thomas,
I am a Dane loving my dark bread and overly happy to know that you are making the finest. Thanks.

Please tell your staff not to save the bread from yesterday and sell it to me for the full price.

Not happy to bring a dry bread of 50.000 VND home
:-( ( unless it's your policy - then I know)

Best Fc. Zeuthen

Thomas Wanhoff said...

Just to clarify: I am not the owner, I am just a customer