Saturday, September 12, 2009

"we need a bridge, we bring you here to build it. "

One thing I always hated in Germany was an kind of bashing on foreigners. Either they were blamed to steal jobs, girls or apples from trees. Usually it's just to blame others for your own fault. And it's so easy, in eastern Germany foreigners were actually chased when the economy went down after the fall of the wall (whole eastern German y at this time had less foreigners than the city of Frankfurt). Remember Rostock, when idiots set a house on fire were Vietnamese families lived. It was one of the most tragic moments after 1990.

Since I am in Asia, I love the friendliness and the lovely people here. Especially Vietnam greeted me always with a smile.

For any reason, it's seems to get a bit more tough between foreigners and locals. Stricter Visa regulations, stricter business regulations. A week ago we saw a driver throwing garbage out of his window while he was waiting. We just looked surprised on him, he suddenly got upset and said, we are foreigners, we are not supposed to tell him what's right or wrong.

Today, I found this post on facebook (I immediately un-friended this guy):

Take this: 90% of foreigners in Vietnam are losers, nomatter where they are from: US, UK, Australian, Korean. They were unemployed, failed to do business or desperately paid child support in their own country, so they come here to seek a better career. Remember that they are nobody in their country so if you treat them like big bosses, they do'nt know how to behave.....The way I see it is: we need a bridge, we bring you here to build it. Just have your job done and keep your voice low. Guests should always be polite, and if you are rude, we'll show you the way out.

Why out of a sudden we get this kind of experience? Is it just a coincidence? I hope so. I strongly believe that there is only one world. We trade in one world, we share experience. There is a cultural difference, and that's good for a variety, but there is no better than others. all countries failed who believed in they are the superior nations. I learned that from German history. And because of this history I will always try to bring people together instead of dividing.

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