Monday, August 24, 2009

We don't have a maid

Since we are in Asia people don't stop asking us about our maid, cook, driver. We don't have any. We clean our self, we drive our own motobike, we cook our self. The reason is quite simple: We don't feel comfortable with a stranger at our place. And we don't really see the luxury. Cleaning your apartment is part of life, and as long as you are not so busy why not making it by yourself.

I just came over an announcement from people that are leaving Vietnam now about her cook:

She speaks good english and can read it as well. We have mainly had her cook western food for us to also include baking break and making pasta. She has also cooked Vietnamese. Ms. XXX does all of our shopping at Metro, An Phu Supermarket, Veggies and some other places.

It's so sad, people coming into other countries and stick with old habits like western food. so many couples have maids and cooks even when the expat husband or the wife stays at home. I still don't get into that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas,

I don't think it'd be normal either if they stick to Vietnamese food exclusively. In Holland we ate quite international: italian, japanese, french, dutch, et cetera. I continue that tradition here.

Yesterday I had pasta, a wrap, and a kebab. Today I've so far only had Vietnamese.

My 2¢.

Take care,

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

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Tim said...

Don't really agree Thomas. I only eat Vietnamese food when I absolutely have to - ie if our maid (sorry!) is cooking, or I'm entertaining guests who want to eat it. I don't actually like Vietnamese food - it mostly consists of poor quality ingredients thrown together with little care.

I agree with Timen; coming from England where all types of cuisine are readily available, I like to have a varied diet. Saigon has some superb French, Italian, Lebanese and Indian restaurants, and these days it's easy enough to buy ingredients to cook international food at home too. A few months ago I gave my father-in-law, who is 80, his first ever taste of roast chicken, and he said to his wife "Why have you been boiling it all these years when we could have been eating it like this?"!!!

It's a shame VNese food is so bad when the food in neighbouring countries such as China, Thailand and Singapore is SOOOOO good. But as with everything else in Vietnam, it's done for money rather than love. Work, refuel, work again...

Thomas Wanhoff said...

@Timen, sure we all mix food and culture. I was much more talking about living in a different culture and country and handling this as a kind of alien universe.

@Tim: Sorry for you that you don't like the Vietnamese Food, for me it"s one of the best in the world because of freshness and variety. But, "de gustibus non disputandum esse", as the romans said. Oh, and by the way, so many foreign owned restaurants here doing such a bad job.

skzimmer said...

Have you ever read the series The #1 lady's detective agency. The main character, from Zambia says that the wealthy have a social obligation to employ the poor. It is much better than having them beg and it finances their childrens' education. Just a different view.