Monday, February 1, 2010

Illy Espressamente service in Phu My Hung improves

Illy Coffee

I did a lot of criticism on Illy Espressamente in Saigon, especially the one in Phu My Hung. But since they do a customers survey, things changed a lot. First, I did a second attempt to ask for low fat milk (the first try was months ago and they said no), and suddenly one of the shift supervisors said "Yes, of course." Then I tried to do another step upwards on the service ladder and asked, if I can get a red invoice at the end of the month for all the purchases I did. Surprisingly the supervisor said "Yes, No problem, do you like us to collect the bills for you?" Boom. Never expected that. And yes, today I came in and they issued me the red invoice - I didn't even asked for.

But, there is one more thing. Having my coffee the waitress came to me and gave me money: "Sorry sir, last time you forgot to take your change money." That was 40.000 Dong, about 2 USD. I am impressed. I haven't expected this in Vietnam at all, but never ever at Illy (not that they would cheat, but it was one week ago since I was there and usually they just forget it).

I still think the male staff needs way more training and the female staff should more deal with the customers but I know that a long way.

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Vietnam said...

They know u are blogging about them. That's why :-)